What would you do if you lost all your data?

Online backup and Cloud Storage is the solution! BackUp Manager (powered by Attix5): We believe in only the best backup solution for our customers. Our locally hosted Storage Platform can accommodate Server, desktop and laptop back up's at very affordable rates.

Backup Up Your Data

BackUp Manager safely synchronizes/stores data from your Servers, PCs and Laptops to the cloud, in case of disaster with secure off site replication over three data centres..

Designed for worst possibilities

BackUp Manager is an automated remote or offsite backup and a key component in any disaster recovery plan - as protection against hardware failure, theft, accidental deletion, and natural disaster. After your initial backup, subsequent backups are relatively quick, since only the portions of your files that have changed since the last time they were backed up are updated. This saves lots of time, bandwidth and storage space.

Know that your backup is secure:

All data being backed up uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption prior to transfer and transfers via a secure 128-bit SSL tunnel to the Tie 4-Level BackUp Manager data centre. This is secured by gated perimeter access, 24/7 on-site security and technical personnel, electronic card-key access control, CCTV surveillance, fire detection and suppression systems, and redundant power distribution units.

Benefits of our online backup service:

Information that is backed up online is never lost

• Even if your computer is lost or stolen
• Even if your house or business burns down
• Even if your information is destroyed by viruses
• Best Technical Support

BackUp Manager enables disk-based and tape-based data protection and recovery for servers such as VMware Guest VM, Microsoft Hyper-V Guest VM, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL Database, Windows System, Windows System State, Files and support for Windows desktops and laptops. Our backup can also centrally manage system state and Bare Metal Recovery (BMR).

Online BackUp Manager Prices
Package Price
Account Start-up R150 once off
Up to (4GB) R100 per month
Up to (6GB) R130 per month
Up to (9GB) R200 per month
Up to (20GB) R295 per month
Up to (45GB) R545 per month
More than 45GB Call US for a quotation

No matter what happens to your data – you will always have peace of mind. And the best is – it is done automatically according to your own schedule.

Choose the right backup plan for your critical data protection.
Easy start, more resources or really BIG DATA? We have it all!