Network Security

Fortinet’s Fortigate award-winning Unified Threat Management Security Appliances provide the best price/performance and the most comprehensive security feature set.

As small or medium business cannot afford to deploy all the different standalone security solutions an Enterprise would deploy. Not only is there a large capital outlay but the operational costs and staff required would divert valuable resources away from growing the business. Hence there is a balance between cost and complex features which are sometimes never used. Network Security is the foundation of any security strategy but this also needs complimenting by Endpoint, Application, Access and Security Management.

FortiGate have extended the original concept of the UTM to add important Security Functions such as: Wireless Access (Some model have integrated Wireless capability)

End Point Security
Authentication Controls
Access Switch Control

These can all be easily added via the configuration menu without further costs and allow customers to deploy a single UTM and cover just about all their security needs for perimeter, Access and Client (including mobile) Security.