Our Team

Our Management Team:

Geneva Sibanda is the Founder & CTO of eSG NETWORKS.

Mr. Geneva Sibanda has experience in the ICT industry with special emphasis on support and management of technology resources within renowned and large organizations in various industries, including the Gov, and financial services.

I assist companies or individuals like you in the Areas of Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation: (from Windows Active Directory Security, networking, firewalls, Open Source LEMP Stack etc). I have deployed the blazing fast web servers powered by Varnish cache server and nginx web server for some of the largest websites on the internet.

As a Solutions Architect, I have a good mix of Technical Skills, Business Acumen, and a strong desire to see our customers succeed in their business.

I fully understand the detail behind the solution designs and also communicate the high level vision and drive business growth. I am a lead technologist and have a broad understanding of technology. I participate in the pre-sales process to understand customer business, technical objectives, and product requirements. Ensure that proposals are technically sound, deliverable, competitive and map design into a product/services roadmap to help the customer to solve their business issues.